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Why would a person want to buy a fake diploma?

There are many reasons why a person might want to purchase a fake high school diploma, GED certificate, college diploma or even a skill certificate.

A person might want to raise their own confidence buy hanging one on the wall for friends and family to see. Take for instance a grandfather or grandmother that want to impress their grand children and encourage them to keep trying harder in school. They would not want their grand kids to know that they never finished school. That would set a poor example.
Maybe a person is trying real hard to better themselves in life and are struggling with the will to keep trying. Purchasing a fake diploma might make them want to try harder to obtain a real diploma. An example of this would be a young married couple purchased a cheap set of wedding rings due to the fact they were just starting out and had little money to spare, but plan to buy a better set when they are doing better financially.

Many people think of fake diplomas as being wrong, but these same people go to the toy store a purchase fake FBI and police badges and ID's for their kids, is this wrong?
There is nothing wrong with a person doing something to make them feel better about themselves.
Why should an auto mechanic that has been doing this job for 10 to 20 years and knows how to do the job better than most graduates be let go from a job because employers now want to see their high school diploma. It did not matter to the employer for the past 10 to 20 years, why now?

Why should a hair dresser that has been doing the job for many years now be forced to have schooling and license? My mother did other women's hair from home on the side for more than 30 years and her clients loved it.
So why should someone not be able to buy a fake automotive mechanics certificate, GED certificate, fake high school diploma, fake personal trainer's certificate, massage therapy certificate or whatever makes them feel good about themselves. Here at diplomasandmore.com we make people feel good about themselves by offering fake diplomas, certificates and fake transcripts for sale. We don't try to fool would be buyers into thinking that are diplomas are real, we tell them up front that they are fake diplomas.

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